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Social Intelligence!


Chui is a smart camera that makes your home socially intelligent. Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house.




Intelligent Doorbell with Facial Recognition


Chui makes your life more convenient, empowering you to:



Receive Real Time Notifications of Who’s at your Front Door, Apartment, or Business


Chui can notify you in real time via email and Push Notifications that include a timestamp, picture, and name (if recognized).


Feeling lazy at the pool and don't want to get off your lawn chair to answer the door? Chui allows you to identify your visitor while bronzing in the sun. Worried about an unknown person or someone you don’t like stopping by while your kids are alone at the house, Chui will notify you in real time.



Communicate with Anybody at your Front Door via 2 Way Audio and 1 Way Video


No need to get off your lawn chair to tell your visitor to come around back to the pool. Chui enables you to communicate with anybody at your front door via our mobile application. Tell the mail man to leave the package at door, your visitor that you’ll be back in 5 minutes, or the pesky solicitor that you are attending to more important things (such as feeding your goldfish)!



Pre-Recorded Identity Based Messages


Having a busy week at work and don’t want to be bothered with calls and notifications from your frontdoor. Prerecord a message for the mail man telling him to leave the package at the door, Chui will identify him and play that message just for him. Don't want to deal with breaking up with your emotional boyfriend?  Have Chui do it for you! Simply leave a message for him and the next time he visits Chui lets him know that his stuff has been neatly packed and placed in the trash on the corner.  



Do Not Disturb


Have an annoying friend or neighbor that always shows up unannounced. Add him to the do not disturb list and Chui will not even bother you with a notification.



Automatically Unlock doors for your friends and family


Chui will feature integrations with the most popular internet connected door locks (such as Lockitron). Grant access to your friends and family members via our web and mobile applications, and Chui will automatically identify them and unlock the door. Wanna do it manually via the mobile application? No problem, unlock your door upon receiving a notification with a simple tap on the mobile application.



Home Automation


Chui will also feature integrations with the most popular smart plugs and lighting systems (such as Hue). Want your hallway lights to turn on when you get back home? Chui will switch them on when it identifies you.



Alternative Triggers


Don’t want Chui to simply be triggered via button press. No problem, Chui can be triggered via Motion Detection and Face Detection. Whereby the presence of a face or motion will prompt it to take a photo and make deliver a notification.




Security & Monitoring

Chui’s motion detection and live feed capabilities enable you to use it inside your house for monitoring and security purposes. You no longer have to stay up to tell your late teenager that he’s grounded because he missed curfew. Chui will detect him sneaking in and tell him that he’s grounded for you! Never again worry whether workers have stopped by or if your maid actually showed up. Tap into a live feed and Monitor your pets. Make sure the dog walker actually showed up. Simply be home wherever you are!


Enjoy the peace of mind of having Chui inside your home and get instant notifications if anybody breaches your space!

Security & Monitoring features:



Motion detection



Optional Recording



Tap Into a Live Feed



One Tap 911 Calls




Second Security Layers

Chui’s facial recognition technology is 99.6% accurate, but if you desire a second layer of security to feel extra safe about those dinosaur eggs you got locked up in your safe then look no further. Chui offers innovative second tiers of security that can be coupled with your FIR (Facial Identification Record).


QR Code Recognition


In addition to reading faces Chui can also read QR codes. You can enable QR Code recognition as a second layer of security. Which would allow you to hold up a code to the device (visible on your phone or on a piece of paper), and Chui will read the code along with your face.


Chui will only return a positive match if both your face and the code match the information on record. Meaning that even if someone obtains your QR code it is useless without your face. QR codes can be set, requested, and generated from our Web and Mobile applications.


Alphanumeric Password Recognition via OCR


In addition to faces and QR codes Chui can also read Alphanumeric passwords. You can enable password recognition as a second layer of security. Which would allow you to hold up a password to the device (visible on your phone or on a piece of paper), and Chui will read the password along with your face.


Chui will only return a positive match if both your face and the password match the information information on record. Meaning that even if someone obtains your password it is useless without your face. Passwords can be set, requested, and generated from our Web and Mobile applications.

How it Works?

Chui works via Wifi with web and mobile applications. Chui is easy to use, and setting one up is no exception. After your Chui is installed for the first time and the power is turned on it will create an ad-hoc WiFi hotspot, Simply connect to the hotspot and visit a URL in your browser to continue the setup process (you’ll find info such as ssid, password, and URL in the box).



Key Features and Specs




Multiple Triggers (Button Press, Motion Detection, Face Detection)

Device Enrollment (hold button for 5 seconds to enroll)

2 Way audio 1 Way Video

HD Camera

High Quality Mic and Speaker

RGB LED for Visual Feedback

Reads QR Codes and Alphanumeric Passwords



Web Application

Elegant Dashboard

Approve device enrollments and/or enroll Manually via drag and drop

Add and Manage Devices

End to End Encryption

Integrations with Smart Locks and Lighting Systems

Track visitor data and analyze trends

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning (learns visitor behavior)



Mobile Application

Receive device calls

​Receive Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Request/Set QR Codes and Password



Product Images


Current Progress

Chui was unveiled at CES 2014 in Las Vegas (International Consumer Electronics Show) to great feedback and a warm reception.





Commercial Uses

Chui is actively being tested in commercial environments for applications that include:



Employee Clocking


Member Check-in


Admittance To Secure Areas



If you’re interested in Chui’s commercial applications please email us at [email protected]


About Us

Chui is a product of, a Dallas based startup that prides itself on its ability to stare at screens and sit in chairs for extended periods of time without any dullness or fatigue! At 214 we blend facial recognition, machine learning, and computer vision technologies to develop socially intelligent solutions for homes and workplaces.

For media inquiries please email [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Chui be fooled by holding up a picture?

    No, Chui uses innovative computer vision techniques to verify its not an image.

  • Will Chui be based on the Raspberry Pi?

    No, the Raspberry Pi has served as a great development and prototyping board but the final design will feature an internally developed custom board.

  • Does Chui ship internationally?

    Yes! Once we are able to aggregate the international orders we will send out estimates for shipping costs.

  • Is there a fee to use the web application?

    The web app will feature a freemium model that will cover most home owners. With an added fee for those that require extra storage and added features.

  • Can Chui be stolen?

    Chui is registered to your account and can only work with our web application. You’re prompted to approve if someone tries to register it to another account, effectively rendering any stolen Chuis useless. No information is accessible on any stolen Chui, and will come with a secure mounting bracket making it less than desirable for a thieving scoundrel to pry off of your house.

  • Can Chui be used with batteries?

    Chui requires a power source. If you wish to see a battery powered Chui please let us know on [email protected]

  • Does Chui replace my current doorbell?

    Yes, Chui’s mounting bracket can be screwed into your door frame over your existing doorbell. Chui is powered through the existing doorbell wiring.

  • Can I cancel my reservation if I change my mind?

    We would be sad to see you go but yes if you decide your money would be better spent on a months worth of Mac Ds we can’t blame you...

  • Can Chui identify people in dark/poor lighting conditions?

    Yes! Chui can work in less than optimal lighting conditions. Although we recommend testing the lighting conditions before installing the device as you would for any camera.

  • What happens when there is an internet outage?

    Chui will continue to function without any issues, and will process images and deliver notifications as soon as the connection returns.

  • Is Chui weather resistant?

    Yes, we would not recommend trying to drown him though...

  • Will Chui's cord be visible with the final design?

    No, Chui will be wired through the back of the device.

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